Scrap Guy

The patented, trademarked, mobile recycling unit known as Scrap Guy was unveiled on May 5, 2011.  It's first assignment was disaster relief from the tornadoes in Camp Creek by placing money back into the community.  It was designed as a clean, portable, and fun way to recycle in each individual community.




Greeneville Iron and Paper exports to the Southeast and Internationally.  The company also adds a roll-off truck to handle industrial scrap. 

early 40s



Turn Key Demolition Package

By using all three companies together- Greeneville Iron, Transport Technologies, and Mountain Laurel- we are able to offer a package deal in demolition services.



C.A.R.E Award

Greeneville Sun

pub. 09.28.2015

​"Jeff Collins, of Greeneville Iron and Metals and Transport Technologies, pictured with his son, Matt Collins, receives the Tennessee C.A.R.E Award from the Boys & Girls Clubs in Tennessee."

Mountain Laurel Environmental Corporation

Mountain Laurel was established as a waste disposal and recycling division.  The company utilizes 110 acres for waste recycling, waste transfer, and a Class IV Landfill.



"Greeneville Iron & Metals, Inc., is a family-owned company that continues to provide excellent, reliable service to our region through 4 generations and 70 years in the industry. Greeneville Iron and Metals specializes in handling ferrous and non-ferrous metals, scrap metal pick-up, and industrial solutions. Honesty and reliability are core values that we proudly uphold in our company."

315 Old Stage Road
Greeneville Iron and Paper moved to its present location of 315 Old Stage Road in 1967.


Greeneville ​Foundry Company

The Foundry bought scrap cast iron to melt and make into stove grates, water meter covers, and similar items.  They continued the operation until it burnt in 1958.  They rebuilt it back as a machine shop and welding company.  The demand for steel and scrap metal grew so an outgrowth was formed- Greeneville Iron and Paper.

​Greeneville Iron and Paper

The new outgrowth- Greeneville Iron and Paper- moved to Snapps Ferry Road.  It was relocated three years later to the Jones Bridge Road.  It finally settled in its present home- 315 Old Stage Road in 1967.  This Greeneville Sun newspaper advertisement announces the new location and new name change.

Lyle and Nancy Retire

Lyle and Nancy officially retire from the business.  Greeneville Iron and Paper is renamed Greeneville Iron and Metals, Inc.


Transport Technologies, LLC

As the demand for hauling industrial scrap metal and waste increased, Transport Technologies, established by Jeff and Patricia, was established.  This division offers both waste and industrial hauling.


The Beginning

Lunell, Lyle (infant), and Ross Collins 

Ross worked at the Greeneville Foundry as a boy for the owner Fred Brown.  He helped with odd jobs through his childhood and continued his work there until 1942.  In 1942, Ross, Lunell, and Lyle traveled to Detroit, Michigan to find better work.  When they returned in 1945, they found the Greeneville Foundry closed.  Ross and Lunell bought and reopened it in March 1946.  


Main Yard

After moving to our current location on Old Stage Road in 1967, we have grown and progressed in serving our community